Interactive Playground in JMUI


An open-access paper by Alejandro Moreno and me is published at the Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces (JMUI). Download it here. We discuss how to automate the analysis of behavior of playing children. We compare traditional tag with an interactive version played in our Interactive Playground. We also introduce two algorithms for the detection of tagger and runner roles by looking at interactions between children.


Pattern Recognition paper for Zhigang

Zhigang Tu‘s paper “Weighted Local Intensity Fusion Method for Variational Optical Flow Estimation” has been accepted for the Pattern Recognition journal, and can be found online already. Congratulations! The paper presents several advances in the estimation of movement from video. Zhigang will defend his PhD thesis on November 16.

Two papers accepted at Intetain

Two papers were accepted for the  International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (Intetain). Wolfgang Hürst, Jerry van Angeren and I will present our work on mixed-reality gaming using gestures. And with Alejandro Moreno, I will share our user evaluation of the Interactive Tag Playground, in which we measured similar (social and exertion) behavior but higher levels of engagement and fun.