In-car phone use detection now ready for deployment

The number of car incidents is rising again, after years of steady decline. One explanation is car drivers’ use of phones. The Dutch police is now introducing automated ticketing for drivers holding a phone, based on camera footage. The pilot for this technique has been developed in 2018 by my MSc student Jannes Elings. The Dutch police has continued to develop the technique, which is now ready for deployment on the public roads.

Popular Dutch media NOS (Acht uur journaal), RTL (RTL Nieuws) and have reported on this breakthrough.


In-car phone use – Photo courtesy of the Dutch police

Deception detection documentary screened at APA Film Festival

From 1,997 entries, our documentary “A week without lying: The honesty experiment” has been selected as one of the 17 films at the APA Film Festival. It will be screened on Friday August 9. Should you be at the annual APA conference, make sure to watch it! Congratulations to Vicky Cooper and the team from Thoroughly Modern Media!

Trump’s 10,000 deceptive claim, research featured in the Washington Post

The Washington Post featured an article about USA President Trump’s 10,000st false or misleading claim. In the article, our paper “A personal model of trumpery: Deception detection in a real-world high-stakes setting” (by Sophie van der Zee, me, Alice Havrileck and Aurelien Baillon) has been mentioned. It describes our research on deception detection from President Trump’s tweets. Our research has greatly benefited from the Washington Post’s fact-checking endeavors.


BBC documentary “A Week Without Lying”

Wednesday August 29, 21:00 GMT, the documentary “A week without lying – The honesty experiment” will be broadcast on BBC2 as part of the Horizon series. Thanks to the wonderful people at Thoroughly Modern Media for squeezing all that science and insights in just one hour!


But don’t take our word for it that it is enjoyable. It was selected as one of the highlights to watch this week by the Sunday Times. Here are the media reports from AD, RTL Nieuws and Utrecht University website.

Science of Deception documentary

The short documentary “The Science of Deception” is online at CuriosityStream. It features, among others, Paul J. Taylor, Jeff Hancock, Judee Burgoon and Dan Ariely. The work at Utrecht University, Cambridge University (Sophie van der Zee) and Lancaster University is used as the background story, linking theory and practice. A registered or trail account will give you access to the documentary.