Trying out lie detection tech

Fun day trying out various lie detection technologies with Sophie van der Zee and Paul Taylor, for a pilot on the Office Without Lies. Thanks to University of Twente’s Designlab and Jay, Simon and Imogen from Thoroughly Modern Media.2017_lie_detection_tech


Our video analysis work on NEMO Kennislink

Have you been curious what computer have been doing lately in understanding our videos? And what they still struggle with? Check out this article on NEMO Kennislink (in Dutch) about our research on automated video understanding.

ZonMW grant interdisciplinary workshop for automated animal analysis

Malte Lorbach, Judith Homberg and I have been awarded grant money from ZonMW to organize an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss how to reduce the number of laboratory animals in scientific studies. We will bring together researchers from computer science, (neuro)biology and vetinary science to identify the opportunities for automated analysis of animal behavior. In particular, we focus on the re-use of existing recordings, to verify or explore novel insights without needing to run new tests.

Awarded NWO TOP grant

I’ve been awarded a prestigious NWO TOP grant for my proposal “Automated Recognition of Bodily Interactions” (ARBITER). We will be working on the quantitative description of people in interactions, and develop methods to detect these interactions from video.

A fully funded PhD position will be available soon. If you happen to be a (almost) finished MSc student who has been waiting to work on this topic as long as I have, just contact me!

Keynote at DIG workshop

It was my honor to give the opening keynote of the DIG workshop (La Dynamique Interactionnelle du Geste / “Making sense together”) in Paris, September 22-23. It was a good opportunity to talk about the lessons learned in the “Description and Detection of Bodily Interactions”, basically connecting several of my research topics.

It was lovely to hear all talks on the representation, recording and analysis of body movement. Inspiring to see how close different disciplines (performance arts, HCI, computer science) are, and what we can learn from each other.

Recordings of the talks will be online soon.