Meanwhile in London SE18

An experiment, a recording? Breaking new ground!2018_london_se18


Science of Deception documentary

The short documentary “The Science of Deception” is online at CuriosityStream. It features, among others, Paul J. Taylor, Jeff Hancock, Judee Burgoon and Dan Ariely. The work at Utrecht University, Cambridge University (Sophie van der Zee) and Lancaster University is used as the background story, linking theory and practice. A registered or trail account will give you access to the documentary.


BBC Crimewatch Roadshow live interview

Yesterday, BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow featured our research on lie detection from body movement. Sophie van der Zee was interviewed by Rav Wilding on the live show, see the clip here. We’d like to thank Rachael, Amy, “mocap model” John, Rav and the others at the BBC Wales studio for their hospitality and enthusiasm.


Behind the scenes on the Crimewatch Roadshow set